Megan’s 1st Birthday


Megan, Meggie, Neggie, Meggie-Bo-Beggie is ONE!! She’s been standing up for months but is taking her sweet time putting that balance into motion. Take your time little girl!

We had a party with my family for Megan. Matt’s family had just gathered for Ben and Diane’s wedding so Matt plead with me to not make everyone from his side drive down for this as well. He won, but I did miss them.

I made….. banana cake! Seriously guys, I love this cake. I’d made chocolate cupcakes for Dylan’s friend party and didn’t feel like doing chocolate again the day after. I used marshmallow fondant to make the flowers- a lot of little hands were involved which made the process take 2x as long, but it was fun to do it together! Megan LOVED the cake and ate it by the fist-fulls. No shy baby here!

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