Jackson’s 5th Birthday


This is the “Year of the Cowboy.” Jackson loves the Matthews’ family. They’ve invited him to ride horses,  play with a lasso, and they’ve even given him a belt with a big ol’ belt buckle. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he asked for cowboy stuff.

The hat makes it official!

Banana cake, recipe courtesy of Aunt Leslie. It’s one of my most favorite cakes!

This is the first year we’ve had a friend party for Jackson. He was so excited! He wanted a Star Wars party and had great ideas about what should happen during the party.

A pinata.

A great party always has a pinata. I looked it up and it didn’t seem too hard.

Want to hear something crazy? I covered the balloon in the newpaper/flour/water and then took it outside to dry (100* heat guarentees some fast drying time, right?). A few hours later I took it back inside (nice and air conditioned!) to add another layer. The balloon started visibly deflating and you could see the newspaper loosing it’s grip on the balloon. The hot temperatures outside had expanded the air inside the balloon, and when that air started cooling down the balloon started shrinking back to its regular size. It was SO fast. I immediately took it back outside and added the 2nd coat on out there. I tried it again later- on accident (I totally forgot) and took it back inside to add the 3rd coat. It did it again. I didn’t think air expansion/compression was that immediate! Viola- science at work!

I spray painted the Death Star grey and turned it over to Ashlyn. She was the artist behind the design. She and the boys did a fantastic job and it really was a fun part of the party!

Of course we had Jedi training camp!

Everyone made their own light sabers out of pool noodles and metallic duct tape. Some very crazy, nondeadly fun!

Jackson had a great time with his friends (and brother/sister helpers). He is such a fun member of our family!


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  1. So fun and cute! Love your family and this blog sure made me miss living across the street from you! Glad the party was a success, looks like it was lots of fun! We miss you and your family!

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