Ben and Diane Forever!


I know this is totally out of order, considering that I have a month’s worth of posts still to organize and write about, but our family has just been so excited to celebrate Ben and Diane’s wedding that I had to get this jotted down. While the excitement’s still fresh! I’m afraid I will come off as boring a month from now when we really had such a fantastic time šŸ™‚


Here was our temple plan: Matt went to the ceremony, Cayden did baptisms with his cousins, I watched the rest of the kiddos- which involved a really long WalMart trip. This was a good thing! We got some new car toys for Megan who had spent the whole drive to Manti reminding us that she was bored. We browsed the toy isles, picked out snacks and then walked around the temple grounds.

Cayden- still beaming after doing baptisms! Kuddos to Kevin for setting that up- what a great idea to have those who are old enough be involved in temple work while the wedding was taking place!

You can see that our box of snacks helped everyone keep their strength up. Ā But seriously, I couldn’t believe how hungry they were! That box was emptied in no time.

Now Dylan has the energy to find his silliness!

Megan was SO GLAD to be out of her car seat. She crawled everywhere and especially loved the flowers.

Jackson was everywhere, playing with any uncle or cousin that would give him fives or be goofy. Still, every so often he would come back to this tree and walk in circles- around and around and around he went.

Megan still loving the grass and the freedom of crawling around. I love how closely she is inspecting the blade of grass in her hand… I totally didn’t get a picture of Ben and Diane at the temple. It was so crowded, my hands were full and I didn’t want to get in the photographer’s way. They both looked so happy though!


Okay, here’s the skinny about hosting a reception in your yard. Everything will be covered in tables. No need to worry if you have a pesky dandelion popping up here or there- it will be covered in tables. Diane’s family swooped in and did a fantastic job of decorating and preparing food. Lots and lots of food! I offered to help and was surprised each time they didn’t let me. I’m not kidding! In the nicest way they kept me out of the kitchen! I’m used to being helpful- it was kind of weird to not step in and chop food. But you know what? It was such a relief. Megan and Alison kept me busy the whole time and it was nice to be able to chase them around, grab bottles, changes diapers, and chat with family- these ladies knew that and it was truly a gift that they gave me this freedom and time. They are such an amazing, friendly and kind family.

Ashlyn was in decorating heaven and tried to be involved with as many projects as possible!

It was really fun to watch Ben (my nephew) during this part of the day. He was so relaxed! He sat down with his sisters and sorted M&M’s, teased Ashlyn, and made sure he found time to chat with everyone.

There were sunflowers everwhere! They tied sunflowers to all of the posts in my yard, they were on the tables, and luckily enough I had some growing in my front and back yard. I loved seeing my back yard so cheerful!


Finally, the picture of the bride and groom. What a good-looking couple! We wish them the best of luck in this fun adventure!

Leslie and Parker

On a seperate table, in a shady spot right under my favorite tree, was a “Sweets table.” It was full of all sorts of jars, and each jar held different kinds of candy. It was the cutest idea! Dylan especially loved the pop rocks. Don’t you love his suspenders? He is very proud of them!

Dylan and Maylee

Tina and Parker

Megan and Alison (sisters, just like my Megan and Alison!)

Matt and Leslie

Ryan and Sam

Megan and Grandma Lund

These are only a few of the many people who came. It was a great evening of visiting and celebrating! Ben and Diane left around 8:30pm, there was a joint force of cleaning up and by 9:15pm it was immaculate and we had the house to ourselves. Amazing!

My last thought was found on a plaque in the bathroom at the Rose Cottage (where we had the luncheon). Yep, inspiration can come anywhere. It read, “Families May Be Together Forever.” May. That’s different than, “Families Can Be Together Forever.” It just reminded me of theĀ privilege and opportunity that I have to be with my family forever. It’s notĀ guaranteed- not to be taken lightly. I need to make sure it happens. I love my family so much, and my extended family too. I absolutely loved spending this day with them.


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  1. It sounds like everything went so well! I would have done the same thing with a long walmart trip. And that was pure brillance to have the 12 and up cousins do baptisms! I love all the sunflowers – so pretty!
    I love that picture of Dylan in his suspenders. šŸ˜‰

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