Payson Lakes


We needed a vacation. We just did. Before heading out to Brother’s Weekend, Matt took off 3 days so that we could go camping. I ended up teaching Sunday School and Relief Society so my Saturday night was spent prepping instead of packing. That left us with packing Sunday instead. Dylan and Jackson enjoyed the suitcase more than I thought possible.

We pulled into our camp site at 10pm while 40 cows stared at our headlights. It was pretty awesome- except for the 10pm part. The kiddos were so, so tired. I was so, so tired. Matt was so, so tired. We set up the trailer and went to bed. Sure enough, the cows were morning cows and we woke up to the sound of mooing. The kids took off to explore the campsite right away (I think Alison was nervous that the cows were so close). By the time we were really outside and moving around, the cows were all gone- just like that.


Dylan had the “butterfly” touch. Everywhere he went, butterflies flocked to him. (In the first picture, one is just standing on his finger!)


We tried out the portacrib outside for Megan while we were making breakfast. She thought that it was a great toy for a while…


The Pontius’s met us for breakfast.  We had hobo omelets which were yummy (and more importantly, each person could have their omelet their way without any extra work). After breakfast we took off to the lake.


At first I was really nervous about this lake. I thought for sure Jackson would wade in too far, step off a drop-off and go under. I watched him like a hawk for hours, he was careful, and I relaxed.



We had such a great time! Water everywhere, prospects of fish (none caught), and lots of licorice. That evening we had dinner with the Pontius’s and they went home (in their nice, clean, comfortable beds!) while we hoped the babies would sleep.

The next day we headed back to the lake. Matt rowed Ashlyn, Jackson and Alison around the lake so Cayden, Dylan, Megan and I walked around the lake. Cayden taught Dylan about the edible plants that he learned about at scout camp. Dylan loved every minute and spent the walk collecting and munching on wild rose.

Cayden and Ashlyn decided to row around the lake on their own, so they donned life jackets and took off. 10 strokes into the ride, Ashlyn declared it to be too hard so Cayden rowed her everywhere. It was fun to see them having some independent play time!


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  1. LOVED the pictures.  Brings back so many happy memories with our children at Payson Lakes.  I walked that mile around the lake just last month.  (You followed in my footsteps)  We did get some fish but not much….Payson Lakes is so peaceful.  I’m glad you all had a great time.  Alison looks so content, and Ashlyn looks like she loves being catered to by Cayden.  And I can just picture Dylan and Jackson having the time of their life in the water.  Such fun!


    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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