Steel Days


I love Steel Days. I love the hometown feel of the whole celebration. Every year there’s a carnival that is set up in the grassy park by the library, there’s a town parade, there’s a fundraiser breakfast- it reminds me of when I was growing up! I remember watching my town’s parade when I was a child, wishing every float had someone throwing candy!, loving the horses and motorcycles, the sirens even. I remember when I was old enough to march in the parade.  I played the oboe in band which was not a marching band instrument, so I got to hold the banner introducing our Jr. High band with another fellow oboe player.

Some years we make the parade, this year we tried to make it to the breakfast. The line was way too long- we drove home and made our own pancake/scrambled egg/sausage breakfast and were probably done eating it before we would have gotten to the front of that line! No matter what we end up doing for the parade and breakfast, we always make it to the carnival. It’s easy, it’s fun and you get the taste of those kind of rides without the whole “Lagoon” experience (ie- it doesn’t take a whole day).

Cayden has a hard time with the heat. Add carnival rides on top of that and he really starts feeling it. Cayden decided to take Alison and Jackson on rides and split his leftover tickets with everyone. He is such a nice big brother! Alison really appreciated the security that came from Cayden. You can see in some of the pictures that she was really apprehensive but by the end she was having a great time!

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