Maniac Mondays?


Now that summer is wrapping up- Back to School night is in two weeks- I thought I’d do a little update on some of our summer themes. Maniac Monday was AWESOME. First of all, it taught my kids that it’s alright to get your hands dirty. It’s alright that I expect something that’s a little harder than a normal chore. It’s alright that we’re working on something different. We’re in this together- and that makes it go faster! A few of the Mondays I turned on the Disney station on Pandora and we tried to see who could be the first person to guess the songs. I was surprised at how many Disney movies my kids know!

What projects did we tackle?

  • Cleaning out the garage so I could park the van inside

  • Cleaning out the kitchen cupboards

  • Cleaning the outside (wood) of our kitchen cabinets

  • Cleaning out the van- vacuuming/washing- (after a weekend of camping)

  • Cleaning the kitchen grout (the least favorite task- it took a lot longer than I thought it would)

  • Cleaning all of the blinds in the house

  • Cleaning the house after a weekend full of company- 5 minutes per room- we were done in 20 minutes, they were in charge of their own bedrooms! (this was the easiest project of them all)

Part of Maniac Monday is going out for ice cream afterwards. Where did we go?

  • JCW’s (most of the time)

  • Macey’s (found out the hard way that King Kong Cones have way too much sugar- they’re way too big)

  • Tried to go to Maggie Moos (out of business)- ended up at JCW’s again

  • Icees at Target

  • Slurpees at 7-11 (We found out that the 7-11 in American Fork sells the most Slurpees in Utah so they were allowed to have an extra Slurpee machine. That brings them up to 4 machines, 4 flavors each- 16 really fun choices to mix around! Lemon cream, mango, strawberry banana, pina colada, and all of the regular stuff too). I don’t think I’ve had a Slurpee since I’ve been married! We did that last week and I think that’s been the favorite place to have a treat so far!

The only pictures I snapped of any of our projects was of the kitchen grout. I was curious about the before and after difference- and then I just had to take a picture so that I could see it.  I mop my floor almost every day. 6 kids, 3 meals a day- it’s a necessity. That only means the tile is clean. I’ve never had tile before. I thought if you mopped a lot, everything would be clean. Then one day, I took a closer look. Gross. Of course a camera shot makes it look worse, but voila- here it is.


The Before and After shots – same tiles


Cayden was the task master- he truly kept them all working. He calculated how many tiles there were in the kitchen and how fast we were going and predicted that it would take over 2 hours. It did. I really didn’t think it would take so long since we were all armed with toothbrushes. I have to admit that I had to leave the house to cool off after they started sloshing soapy water around the kitchen- it was taking way too long. I gave them them the “This had better be clean when I get back!” speech (the soapy water puddles) and went on a 1 mile walk with the babies. It was clean when I got home, we finished up, left the house and had some fun. I was very conscientious after that to have projects that weren’t too overwhelming or too time consuming.

It’s been such a good thing to feel like I’ve been able to keep up with the housework this summer.  Don’t get me wrong- I still do the laundry, meals, dishes, etc- it’s just the extra things that I never seem to be able to get to with everyone home. It’s been nice to know that I can pick one thing every week to tackle no matter what, that little thing that I’ve been meaning to get to- and then it’s done!


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