July 4th


July 4th began pretty well. I got to sleep in AND go for a jog. I buckled Megan into the jogging stroller and took off. I got through my 3 mile jog and began my 2 mile walk. Right as I was finishing up the 1st walking mile Megan started throwing up. A lot. She filled up the whole stroller.

That was just the beginning.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning up after her- top to bottom. Needless to say, we didn’t head out to parties which was disappointing, especially to the kids who really wanted to swim with cousins and hang out with grandma and grandpa. Matt turned those frowns upside down by whisking them all to Macy’s- they got to pick out food for a BBQ and fireworks. They loved being able to pick things off of the shelf in the store- and dad actually said “Yes” when they want the puffy cheetos (I’m so mean! I never say yes! Maybe I’m afraid they’ll think of doing this🙂

Crazily, the Cheetos were the hit of the party. It was pretty much like this: Everybody had a hot dog/hamburger and then went back for a plate full of Cheetos. Not kidding 🙂

Check out Dylan’s plate- it’s full of Cheetos and he’s eating them with a fork 🙂 What a cutie! Cayden showing off his excellent food choice- Cheetos.

After eating we went out to the front to play frisbee and play in the grass. There were some pretty sweet moves going on- especially after we explained to Jack that the point is to get the frisbee close enough to someone that they can catch it. He’d been cheering every time he made someone chase it.

Cayden made some peach cobbler and Matt ran the Dutch oven. So yummy! Ashlyn- 1st in line!

After dessert- entertainment! We enjoyed a fun firework display…..

….. well, everyone except for Alison.

It was a relaxing sort of July 4th, except for sick little Megan. She was sick for nearly 2 weeks, really just diarrhea. We were so, so glad (and relieved) when it finally came to an end.


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  1. I love the plates of cheetos! What a fun 4th – except for Megan being so sick! Two weeks?! So sorry! I love the action shot of Jackson catching the Frisbee!

    • I’ve heard that’s been going around like crazy! And I’ve also heard that’s it’s been about 2 weeks for most kiddos. I hope it’s not what Elle has- I thought it might be until you mentioned the throat infection. No matter what I hope she gets better in “days” instead of “weeks”!

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