Bridal Veil Falls- Part 2


Remember when we biked the Bridal Veil Falls trail and didn’t quite make it? We decided to give it another shot with the Pontius’s- and DID make it! It was a comedy of errors- I just have to look back and chuckle!

  • Taylor’s bike broke down so they left his bike on the the side of the trail and Matt P. ended up toting him in the baby bike trailer along with Elle.

  • Dylan actually crashed in the exact spot that he almost crashed the 1st time we biked the trail and his front wheel cover/mud blocker came off.

  • Alison decided to take off her sandals and chuck them out of the bike trailer and then kept telling him to stop. He didn’t realize why until we got back to the van.

  • Megan was so, so, so patient the 1st time we biked up but this time she cried the entire bike ride from the Falls to the van.

  • I had Cayden hold Megan when we got back to the van while I changed Alison’s diaper and Matt loaded up the bikes.  Megan literally “erupted” all over Cayden (I think that was why she’d been crying). Poor Cayden!

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Still, we had a fabulous time with our fabulous friends! What an evening!


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