Deep Thoughts- But Not From The Deep End


Okay, it’s summer. It’s hot. It’s not humid. My flowers are hating it. HATING IT. Especially the flowers in my big, black pots on my porch which suck up all of the 90* heat and scorch the soil like a fiery furnace. My flowers are getting baked on both ends- below from my pots and above from the sun. Any moisture is evaporated within hours.

I am the caretaker of these flowers. They depend on me for survival. Lately I’ve been lackadaisical. I try to get around to it. I have good intentions. I think about it when I’m washing my front windows. I think about it when I’m soaking my cantaloupe plants in the garden (I keep the hose handy nearby for that one). My pots require effort. I have to fill up my watering bucket in the house and walk it out, or open up my lawn box in the grass, unwind the hose and pull it across the yard to my porch. Not happening as much as it should be. My flowers are alive, they’re blooming, but they’re not all they can be. They’re not cascading down my pots with floral abundance.

Then we have some dry spots in our grass. The sprinklers need to be realigned. Matt’s been gone a lot and that’s his area. I don’t have a clue about maintaining that area. What I do know is that taking just a few weeks off from regular watering has created some yellow, dead, splotchy areas in our yard. It happened so fast!

It seems like a small thing, but we are preparing for a reception at our house in August- just one month away. We are going to welcome a bride and bridegroom into our yard and we want it to look our best. We want to be prepared and not scrambling the week before, trying to put everything in order. Procrastination is my forte- no one does it better than I do. You can’t procrastinate landscaping though…

As I was standing on my porch the other day, watering my thirsty little flowers I had this sudden realization that this was the symbol of my life. Lately the little things have been slipping. Matt and I have always done couple scripture reading at night, but we’ve been skimping through it with reading just a verse because we’ve been going to bed so late. Temple attendance since Megan’s been born? My brother’s wedding. That’s it. Personal scripture study? Only if I’m needing an answer. Family scripture study? Here and there, but mostly not. This used to be such a strength! Such a solid habit!

We have not been good at watering our plants. We are getting flowers but not at their full potential. We’re getting dead spots in our yard. I can feel it. Church was hard last week. I wasn’t feeling great, Megan was tired, I was walking the halls with her, it was all I could do to not just walk home. I had my excuse of not feeling well. I justified it, but that wasn’t all of it- it was my wishy-washy commitment to the little things that seeped into my attitude that day. I stayed, but I had to keep talking myself into it. What?!! That’s not like me at all!

It’s time to realign my sprinklers to water those dead spots. It’s time to pull out my hose and douse those flowers daily to get their spirits soaring! It’s time to put my house in order so that when the bridegroom comes, I’m prepared. So that my family is prepared. So that my cute little flowers that depend on me are blooming and being all that they can be!

I love life. I love nature. I love the symbols all around us in nature that testify of the Savior and his love for me. I love how simple nature is- not waylaid by “To Do” lists and errands. I know that it’s the little things that we do that give us the strength we need to get through the big things.

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