You’re the Frosting to My Cupcake


Ashlyn’s friend Erika stayed with us for 2 days (just the days) while her mom was at girls’ camp. After about 6 hours together they were bored.

Nothing makes the seconds tick away more slowly than being bored.

It can even make you grumpy perhaps…..

Luckily, they decided to have a cupcake decorating contest! They mixed and baked those cupcakes by themselves. Then the real fun began!

It was fun to see all of the personality that came through in these little cupcakes!

Each cupcake was given a cute name.

Alison was very thrilled to be a bystander throughout this whole thing. Every time she said a word they’d present her with a new cupcake to try. I think she ate half of 4 different cupcakes! Bonus entertainment!


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    • It is so, so true! She loves sugar in any form. Luckily she likes healthy things too, but she is constantly asking for a “pop” (otter pop) and is thoroughly disappointed every time the answer is no!

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