My Cute Matt


Essay entitled “How I know Matt is running on fumes.”

His “In Tray” (bottom rack) is as full as mine (top rack).

Never happens. Ever.

Guess which one of us is extraordinarily tidy. My tray is 90% full of children’s art that I’ve labeled and need to refile into their personal files in the filing cabinet. The other 10% is full of Kohl’s coupons that I never use 🙂 Matt’s is full of bills, “important mail” and gas receipts (to be added into an Excel program he wrote to track gas mileage and anything you ever want to know about any kind of expense or performance issue concerning any car that we have ever owned.) He regularly cleans his tray out. Mine gets cleaned out if I want to see his jaw drop.

The fact that we’re tied says a lot. (His is still tidier than mine though- look how neatly stacked!)

Now that I’m looking closer I can see mine might be more full, “billowing out” if you will, but the fact that we’re even close…


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  1. Too cute! Love the essay. You two are both the most productive people I know and you never seem busy – you guys do it so well – so I know when you say you’ve been busy you must be really really busy! 🙂

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