Cool School


Someone in our cousins’ neighborhood has a Cool School every summer for the kids there. Ashlyn heard about it last year and thought it sounded like a lot of fun. For a whole year she kept coming back to this idea, so in May I had her sit down and make a plan- what activities she’d like to do, what ages sounded best, how much she thought was a fair price to charge, how long she wanted the classes to last and finally she needed to make a flier to deliver to the neighborhood. She came up with a lot of themes – A Day at the Races, Become a Scientist, etc- kept the ages between 4-7 (old enough to be potty-trained, young enough so they wouldn’t get bored), 1 1/2 hours, $2. She delivered the flier and it has been a lot of fun! She’s been averaging about 6-8 kids (not including Dylan and Jackson) which has been a great number.

It’s been good for her to learn how to plan. The night before she was running the “Become a Scientist” day, she was up until 10pm gathering supplies and testing a few of the experiments to make sure she knew how to do them. Lessons learned: 1. She should have made time earlier in the day so she didn’t have to stay up quite so late! 2. Gathering supplies and organizing made school the next day run really smoothly!

Above: We made a waterway on our back patio. It was so much fun! The kids built their boats and raced them by blowing on the sails!

Paddling balloons through hoops worth different points.

Running the “dancing raisins” experiment

Blowing giant bubbles!

I can’t say that it isn’t work for me too, but it has been fun to watch her be so involved in the creating process. It’s hard to think of ideas sometimes! Ashlyn’s a natural entertainer with children and she’s learned to organize (with a lot of prompting) and put that to good use. The evening after she delivered the fliers she got her first check from our neighbor, reserving their spots, and I heard her say to Cayden, “I forgot that I was getting paid for this! It just sounded like something fun to do!”

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  1. That is so cool! You’ve mentioned Ashlyn’s Cool School before but I honestly had no idea what it was! That is awesome! I’m glad she is loving it. If she needs more students let me know. But if not- no pressure!

    • Ashlyn left you a flier! (Well, the whole neighborhood a flier really!) I hope it didn’t blow away- quite possible! You’re welcome to send boys over any of the Thursday (10:30-12)- the perfect amount of time to squeeze in your grocery shopping 🙂 No pressure from this end either!

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