Bridal Veil Falls


It’s been a while, right? Matt’s been whizzing in and out of the house in a marathon of madness- Church meetings (Tuesday), teaching at the University of Phoenix (Wednesday), visiting Cayden at scout camp (Thursday), taking Jackson camping overnight at Payson Lakes (Friday), dinner with his Lund relatives, along with me! (Saturday), going to a business trip to Florida (Monday-Thursday). To say that he’s been busy is an understatement. To say that he’s been overwhelmed with life- so many responsibilities pulling him in so many directions- also an understatement.

I know there are stages of life when things are busy and this is one of them for sure.

The good news? There’s a conscientious push to slow things down. He’s taking a semester off of teaching. No more work trips, at least for another quarter. The one-on-one camping with each child is a good thing. He has a goal to take each child child camping sometime throughout the summer. Jackson declared it to be the best camping trip ever. Favorite parts? Fishing on the lake and “taking an exploring walk.”

That’s left me with fending for summertime entertainment. It’s all good to stay home most days. I’m good at that 🙂

But…. it is also nice to have fun plans on the calendar! The Pontius’s were adventurous enough to join in the plans to go biking to Bridal Veil Falls. We parked at the Riverwoods, assembled bike trailers, unloaded countless bikes and off we went! I don’t think we were actually on the trail until 6:30 but it turns out that this is the perfect time of the day to go. No crowds. Cool breeze. Crisp air. It was just so beautiful! We ended up making it to Nunn’s Park and letting the kids play at the playground and turned back. We’ll have to go again and try for the whole way!

Alison seriously figuring out her granola bar wrapper while Megan is just ready to hit the trail!

Megan loving the texture of the bike tire.

The boys were tuckered out but had a great time playing and snacking at the  park!

Here we are at Nunn’s park, ready to head back home. We made great time on the way back- no stops, great speeds, all downhill- the best way to finish!


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