Father’s Day


Matt’s a great dad. A fantastic dad. He’s the dad that teaches his kids how to build camp fires, gives them 4-wheeler rides, teaches them how to save the money that they earn, teaches them how to work hard and play hard, can discipline and follow it up with a hug and especially lately he can turn that frown upside down! Matt came home around lunchtime yesterday and decided to work the rest of the day from home. He came home to 5 children with 5 separate cases of the grumpies. I had unknowingly ruined a great plan of Ashlyn’s by letting her friend make her own snow cone. (How was I to know?!) He sat down with her on the bed and snuggled and by the end Ashlyn was all smiles. Dylan got hurt, Jackson couldn’t have a otter pop (lunch time), Megan tipped over and I couldn’t hold Alison while I was making lunch. It was just destined that one at a time Matt took each child and made it all better. Each one. It was just so cute. In a matter of 10 minutes each hurt had been eased in a way that was special because dad did it.

Cayden and Ashlyn started their Father’s Day plans earlier in the week. This was a good thing, because when we got back from Goblin Valley I think we were all too exhausted to think straight!

When Matt got home from church meetings he was led, eyes closed, into the backyard.

After braving the stairs and the outdoor terrain, he was led to backyard paradise. A reclining camp chair and a “pant-tree.”

 The kids are all so excited to give Matt their gifts!

Cayden gave Matt a new cup with a can of coke, along with an instruction book about how to use it. (The book instructs Matt to use his new cup instead of Cayden’s cup, and hints that he should really be drinking water)

You can see that Cayden thinks it’s hilarious!

Ashlyn gave Matt a jar of M&M’s with a bright red mushroom-shaped lid with a note that says, “You’re a fungi!” (As in “You’re a fun guy!” You can see it in an earlier picture). She also built him a tent out of popsicle sticks because we LOVE camping!

Dylan, Jackson and Alison drew Matt a lot of pictures and decorated the “pant-tree,” many of them dinosaur-themed. You can just tell that all of these kiddos love their dad!

After church we went to my parents’ house to celebrate some more! As part of the gift all of the grandkids took a picture telling what they love about grandpa.


We also found out that Cayden is almost as tall as Michele and had plenty of cousin time…


Grandpa let Jackson snitch a few jelly beans for the drive home

After Grandma and Grandpa Bills’ house we drove over to Grandma and Grandpa Lund’s house where we celebrated with M & Ms, playing with toys and visiting long and late 🙂 Matt’s gift to his dad is going on a drive… a long drive… complete with a lunch and many snacks I imagine! That’s something Matt has loved to do with his dad for as long as I’ve known him.

What a great bunch of guys!


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