Stuart Falls


Matt’s family did an exercise competition a few years ago between the boys and girls. It was all in fun- but even better than that, it was motivating. Motivating to find ways to add exercise into your day. We’re doing that with my side of the family this year. The whole reason I started it up was because I am the heaviest I’ve ever been and it’s not comfortable. It’s not me!

I can make excuses – I can come up with plenty, and they’re all so good 🙂 Still, it’s time for me to step it up. I’ve been running for the past few weeks and it’s been tough- meaning that I want to walk every block! I have to talk myself into finishing the distance every time I run. I read an article saying that listening to music helps distract you from the fatigue. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and do it. Also, my sister said that if I run slower I might find a more natural pace. I tried that today and despite running slower and pushing Alison in the jogging stroller, I walked less and so overall I had a faster running speed. Strange, right?

Also, I’m realizing that I make health progress during the week but I take the weekend off- which basically undoes all of the work I’ve done during the week. 4 days a week of tracking the +/- hasn’t done much good if I’m not paying much attention to Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  More work to be done!

Really, the point of this post is that I’ve been looking for ways to build in ways to exercise as a family. Stuart Falls seemed like the perfect way to start! Matt toted Alison around in a frame backpack. I carried Megan in a front pack. The kids carried camelbacks. We were off! This hike is 2 miles out, 2 back. Every time we do this hike we vow to wait a few years before doing it again because someone has a hard time with the distance. All of the kids made it to the falls without having a hard time- the first time in Lund history! Jackson (4 years old) was tired the whole way back but he was a trooper and made it! It was encouraging and it made us want to plan more hikes in the future!


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  1. Your pictures are stunning. I haven’t been to Stewart falls in forever – and I remember it wasn’t the easiest hike – but it was really pretty. That is awesome that everyone made it. And for the record – you look great, I’d vote you take the weekends off. 🙂

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