This is the Place!


This summer I’m attempting to have a little structure- not a lot, not enough to ruin the whole idea of summer, but enough that I’m not swamped and cleaning the entire day away. Here is my plan (and kids, when you read this in years to come I hope you’re amazed at the genuis wordplay here!)

First thing to note: In the morning my kids get free time until 9am- Wii, cartoons, computer games, playing with trains, etc- AFTER they’ve done their morning chores (clean room, made bed, gotten dressed, had breakfast, practiced piano and brushed teeth).

Yep, 9am.

Some days they don’t make it (like today) while other days they get in a whole hour. It’s great because I don’t have to nag them into getting those things done in the morning- they motivate themselves 🙂

Here’s where it gets fun! After free time (9am) we get started on this (depending on the day):

Maniac Monday: Attack a cleaning project of my choice followed by going out for ice cream afterwards (Last week we cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, this week we worked on the garage)

Tunes-day: (Tuesday) Piano lessons

Weeding Wednesday: 4 garden boxes, 2 flower beds, grapes/strawberries/lettuce beds. The kids mentioned (maybe with or without a complaint) that this needed to be followed by something fun. My sister-in-law came up with ‘Wet Wednesday.’ I like it! This week will be our first pool outing. I’m thinking there will be a babysitter involved in here somewhere…

Thinking Thursdays: Ashlyn’s ‘Cool School’ is on Thursdays from 10:30-12 and it’s also the day that Cayden and Ashlyn work on writing their books. The goal: Write a chapter book by the end of the summer. I’d like to find a way to get these printed into book form…. I’m sure they won’t be huge (or even 100 pages) but it’s been fun to see them coming up with their characters and plots. I told them that I would work on writing a book  too, but so far I haven’t. I’m hoping to have Dylan and Jackson write and illustrate a picture book- still things I hope to do throughout the summer.

Field Trip Friday: Last week we went to Krispy Kreme’s and it happened to be on National Doughnut Day and they were handing out free doughnuts- any kind you wanted. Sweet! Free! This week we went to “This is the Place Heritage Park” and it turned out to be on a free day too! I thought I’d spring for getting all of the kids ice cream cones since I didn’t have to buy tickets, but it turns out that was free too! Score!

We had such a good time. The employees were so patient and I loved the way that they were always in character! The guys at the front gate said they expected 15,000 people throughout the day, but this place was so efficient that you’d never feel it- except for the fact that I had to park in a field. A real field. The parking people guided me there. I totally off-roaded it in a 12 passenger van. I’m sure I looked so cool 🙂 And the bonus? My double jogging stroller didn’t get a flat when I pushed it through briars and thorns to get inside the park from the field. I thought for sure…. Here are a few fun pictures of our day!

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  1. Seriously such good luck to get all that free stuff – so fun!!! I love the weekday themes!!! I just might have to steal that- maybe. 🙂

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