End of School Year Events


You know that May isn’t complete without a full assortment of projects due, plays, field days, dance festivals and graduations- all within a few weeks time. Of course not 🙂

In 4th grade our school does a pioneer trek. They divide into families and push actual handcarts with supplies, cross a river, eat stew, have a full day of pioneer games and competitions, and then push their handcart back to the school. Look at the picture above. It was a beautiful day! The forecast called for a chance of rain- but look at the picture! Gorgeous morning! She did bring a poncho. Dylan had a walking field trip for 1st grade and wore shorts, no jacket. By the time I got out of the shower (at 10am) the sky was completely covered with dark storm clouds, the winds were strong and it was starting to rain. Nice. I pulled my sopping wet hair up in a ponytail, grabbed jackets and umbrellas , loaded up the kids and started to drive. I thought I knew the sites that Dylan’s class were walking to and started driving there. Nothing. No herds of 1st graders crowding any street. As I drove past the school I saw kids on the playground (of course) but huddled in the middle of one mass I saw Dylan in his red and white striped shirt. Sweet ! They hadn’t left yet! I brought him a sweater, a jacket and an umbrella. He just looked and me and said, “I want to go home. I’m so cold.” Just then the teachers announced that the trip was cancelled and they had a field trip inside the school instead. Whew! Now to hunt down Ashlyn. I knew the park they were ending up at and by the time I made it to the area where the group comes around the natural ravines (ie, no van access) I saw these little freezing pioneers pulling their handcarts across to the field. I asked the adult there managing the handcarts coming through and he said that only 4 had passed so far. I could be in for a long wait. Luckily, Ashlyn’s handcart was the next one. No way! I handed her a warm jacket to put under her poncho and off she went with her company. Perfect timing! She had a great time, loved that her trek was exciting, was really glad for her warm jacket, and enjoyed the games.


Cayden’s class put on a the play “Midsummer Night’s Dream” for the whole school, four performances in all. They wrote the play by themselves, created the scenery, invented the costumes- everything. It was pretty clever! Lots of drama! The class members even had a sound and lighting crew. It was fun to watch!


Dance festival- Another Shelley tradition. Dylan has so excited for his dance to the Gummy Bear song (he is the green gummy bear running onto the field). Ashlyn got to square dance with a boy from her class for her dance. We asked her how it was going one night over dinner and she said that her partner had really sweaty hands and that he kept blaming it on her. After the Dance Festival Jackson piped up and said, “I saw the boy you were dancing with and it did look like he had really sweaty hands!”

That’s Jackson, our very supportive family member 🙂

Ashlyn with her friend Katy (with Ashlyn’s brave, nervous dance partner sitting next to her. Not pictured: his hands)


At the end of the school year Cayden graduated from Highland Elementary. I can’t believe he’s growing up so quickly. I can’t believe he’s moving on and up. It’s a good thing, but it’s strange. Cayden’s almost as tall as me, he is a very logical person, he helps me by babysitting, he can always get Alison and Megan to laugh, he loves video games and anything electronic, he likes to write code for TI-82 calculators…. he’s growing up. I sure love Cayden, the good choices he makes and the wonderful person that he is!


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