The Long, LONG Day


Do you ever have those days? The kind where you wish you’d just slept in…. or called in sick (it happens)…. or at least just stayed in your jammies in an attempt to show that some part of this day was of your doing- and you chose easy? Lately, I’ve had a lot of those- where I get to the end of the day and feel like I’ve actually lost ground on things I’ve accomplished during the 15 hours I was awake.

Jack recently had one of those. His head wound was from a thorny tree. Follow that up with getting a goose egg the size of a ping pong ball on his forehead  from a little cousin. Follow that up with falling up the cement steps at a friend’s house as scraping his chin up- the raw patch as big as a quarter. That was a long day for him- the day you’re just ready to crawl into bed at the end and be glad it’s done!

I just had one of those last week. It all started because I didn’t get to my dishes the night before. I feel like I’m already behind when that happens. I think it set the stage for how very LONG this day felt….

When the kids go to school, Jack has craft time and Alison can be a great crafting companion. Jack likes to color, cut and glue. He especially likes to “paint” glue onto things that he’s cut out and glue them together. I’ve made up a little solution (1/2 glue, 1/2 water) that I keep in a baby food jar for him to use. (You can see where this is going). As I was trying to get the dishes done, Alison decided to throw all of the crayons out. You can see that Jackson is not pleased…..

As I’ve cleaned up the crayons and walk them to the laundry room to put them away, Alison climbs on the stool and pours out ALL of the glue. She doesn’t just cover one surface- that would be too easy. Counter, stool and floor are glue puddles.

As I have the bench and stools out of the kitchen to mop, Alison makes herself at home with the coloring books from the previous coloring project- emptying the bin (doesn’t even matter)

… but as she’s emptying the coloring books out she’s found a marker. No coloring on the paper

And as I’m putting away the last of the coloring books, she’s found one of Ashlyn’s sticker sheets and decorated our newly patched stairway. You can see that she’s trying to add some style 🙂

This busyness is not unusual.

  • Emptying a tube of toothpaste on my carpeted bathroom floor while I’m feeding Megan her baby food? Check.

  • Find her spraying Windex on the walls of our newly painted basement? Check.

  • Spraying “Shout” on my laundry room floor? Check.

  • Pumping out lotion on the floor? Check.

  • Emptying all of the clothes out of her dresser? Check.

Those are all from within the last week.

I’m getting smart about locking bedrooms and bathrooms but I do have to do laundry, dishes, clean bathrooms and take care of Megan! It’s a good thing that Alison is MY sweet little 2 year old. I can love her, snuggle her, read books to her and sing, take her on walks, let her help me make dinner and give her tastes, jump with her on the trampoline and hold her cute, small hand.

All of those things make it so much easier when those long days come.



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