Mother’s Day Part I


Mother’s Day was a super-sized affair this year. We had two farewells in Bountiful (9am and 11am) as well as commitments in our own ward (1-4pm). Add on to that a family dinner at my parents’ house (4:30pm) and just about every minute of this day was filled! Do you know what though? We had the best day. It was great to go to hear Morgan (Puebla, Mexico Mission) and Jarrod (Colombia Bogota South Mission) talk about their future and their testimonies. It was good to hear and good for my children to hear. As always, it was so nice to be with family!

After Jarrod’s farewell, we had a few minutes to sit down and visit before heading over to Morgan’s farewell. The kids enjoyed having a chance to stretch (and not sit on a church bench).

Spending Mother’s Day with Grandma Lund

I enjoyed spending Mother’s Day with the best family a mom could ask for.

Below you get some random snapshots from Dylan, Jackson and Ashlyn



When it was time to leave for our 2nd sacrament meeting Matt just looked at me and said, “I don’t know if I can do this again.” Yes, this is how sacrament meeting works with six kids. Usually. I don’t know how the Dixon’s (my neighbors) have such a quiet-sitting, listening-intently family! We’re the more fidgety end of the spectrum. Matt got a little taste of my sacrament world 🙂 (Luckily, a family in our neighborhood whisk Megan and Jackson away as soon as I sit down, so I usually have it pretty good).

After Morgan’s farewell we drove home. Matt parked the car and walked to church. I went inside, put the babies to bed and let the kids relax at home during our sacrament meeting. Then we all walked over to church for the rest of church. Whew!

We celebrated Mother’s Day at our house the day before. Matt and the kids built an extra raised bed and planted blackberries for me (pictures in the last post). I am so excited! Matt found two varieties of blackberries- Mulberries and Marion berries- and got them both. I am curious to see what their differences are (they had the exact picture from the nursery on each plant). Afterwards we planted our garden (one of my favorite things). A fabulous day with my family!


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