Long Walks, Short Stops


Kristin has a biking/jogging trail behind her house. When I say “behind” I really mean it- there are no houses behind hers and there’s a paved, two-laned trail, fenced on each side with benches to rest sprinkled throughout. I am so curious to learn if it links up in any way to the bike trail in American Fork because they look very similar! What’s so nice about this trail is that we don’t have to drive anywhere to get there. Since I have a mega-van, I can totally load up our double stroller and Jackson’s bike to get to Kristin’s house and it’s really not a big deal. So far we’ve done it twice and we walk at least a mile and a half to a gas station, get the kids in icee, and walk back. I love it! Time will tell if the kids like it as much as I do. Jackson bikes so it feels like he could go forever (I think he wishes that he didn’t have to wait for me as much as he does).

Above: The before picture

Alison is totally checking out Cosette! (Cosette was asleep the last time we walked- doesn’t she totally look like Megan?!)

One of our rests

Not pictured: Icee spills in the lap, sweaty mommas, one 6 year-old crying because she was so tired she didn’t think she could make it home, licorice bites, making it through a whole sleeve of graham crackers (for the 2 year olds), kids wishing there was a bathroom, and all of those fun moments that come along with outside time 🙂



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