I Sure Love My Little People


Remember the post where I lamented the fact that Alison is the big sister that shows tough love to Megan? Well, although she still has her days we have discovered the joy of Little People. I can get out the houses and box of people and they are set to play together. If I’m making dinner, I can pull this out and actually make dinner before they’re done. It’s wonderful! I think every mom has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to dinner prep and this is one of mine. I also have my container of tupperware lids, big stirring spoons, a bucket of baby toys and some drums that light up. If all else fails, I just set her in front of the book case and Megan will spend a good 10 minutes trying to get every book out. But that’s how we get dinner on the table, right?

At one point in their playing, Alison reached over with a toy and I thought for sure that she was going to knock Megan over. Instead she reached over and had her cow give Megan a kiss on the cheek. We are definitely making progress!

And be sure about it- I sure love these little people in my lives. They keep me on my toes and test me on so many levels….  thank goodness for that!


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