April Wrap Up


Time is sure flying by. I’m already looking forward to summer bread, days at the pool, no schedules, free time, field trips…. and I must throw this in- I’m looking forward to grocery shopping during the babies naps and letting the older kids babysit. For now we’re still on a schedule, working away on the basement, and living in a constant layer of dust that just won’t stay dusted! The days are warming up which means after dinner I send all of the kids to the back yard to play together while I wash dishes. I love it! They’re happy together and they think they’re getting away with not going to bed and I’m happy to have a quiet house while cleaning up (and I get to listen to them laughing and playing through the open windows). Here are a few of the random things we’ve been up to.

ASHLYN: Brought a quarter to WalMart and bought one of those huge pieces of gum. She declared that it was gross. And too big. Ashlyn is very good at getting Megan to laugh.


ALISON: She thinks that she is big. She can climb onto the trampoline by herself and jump…. but can’t get down. She can climb onto the top bunk bed…. and can’t get down. She can climb into Megan’s crib…. and can’t get out. If I can’t find her for a minute, she is either stuck in one of those places or making a huge mess (she loves pumping out everything under my bathroom sink- lotions, hair spray, body spray)


DYLAN: Dylan is my little monkey. He is always thinking up a new adventure and a tricky way to carry it out. When we moved the trampoline next to a tree for mowing he climbed the tree and jumped off onto the trampoline. All fun and games until his head hit the bar (luckily after bouncing a few times on the tramp first- not on his head). Favorite new thing? The chocolate fountain at Chuck-O-Rama with Grandma Lund. Cleaning that sweater was not a treat 🙂


JACKSON: Obsessed with catching rolly-pollies (potato bugs). My little tupperware containers end up as rolly polly mansions- filled with grass and wet cotton balls- until I let them free at the end of the day. We were weeding one afternoon and he cut the finger off of a latex glove and filled it full. What an adventure!


CAYDEN: Saved up his money and got an awesome remote-controlled helicopter from Amazon. He is definitely the most natural at it- even among his friends- and the kids love trying to follow it around with a game box so that it can have a landing pad. Also, Cayden likes to make scrambled eggs in the morning and he cracked open this egg and got a surprise- twins! He had me take this picture because he thought it was that awesome.


MEGAN: She is so happy! Right now she rolls around anywhere and plays with everything- but it’s not so much that we have to put a gate up yet. She can sit in her high chair and snack on cheerios while I make dinner which is SO nice.

This month we also celebrated Grandpa Bills birthday. He is a good sport and doesn’t mind all of the grandkids chasing him around and trying to tag him with dirt pellets (from aerating)- but I will say that he gives as good as he gets which made it all the more fun!



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