Soccer Season


Soccer season is upon us again. I am so glad! It gives the kids something active to do…. with friends…. they get to work as a group…. play different positions. It’s fantastic!

This has been Dylan’s first year (Fall/Spring) and he has LOVED it. Someone called him a “Superstar” in the Fall because he scored 6 goals in one game and he is proud of that. He totally gets the logic involved in the game. At this age no one plays goalie but as the other team starts moving closer to the goal, Dylan breaks away from the herd of kids and makes a diagonal path towards the goal and never loses track of the ball.  He totally can predict the ball’s path and block it. He is so fun to watch!

Ashlyn returned this year from retirement and jumped back into the game.  She has loved that all of her friends are on the same team.  But, like the last year she played, she dreads the idea of practice and the game and doesn’t like the time it takes away from her Saturdays. When she’s actually AT the practices and games she has a great time but some days when we’re getting ready for these things she considers retirement again.

My parents decided to make it to each of the grandkids games at least once during this season. That’s quite a task! They brought snacks for the little non-soccer members to munch on during the games (very fun!) and I could see that the kids played extra hard when they were there! In Dylan’s team huddle you can see him checking to see if Grandma and Grandpa were watching!

Lastly, I had to include some random shots that Dylan took when we were at one of Ashlyn’s games. He’d gotten a scratch and so decided to hang out with me on the sidelines instead of at the park. (Which meant that he was bored after about three minutes.) He asked for the little camera and he clicked away. I thought I’d include a few pictures that he took of the things that he thought were cool 🙂

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  1. Wow, awesome pictures! Looks like they had a lot of fun. I’m always so impressed by how dedicated Dylan is when he does something– like soccer and piano.

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