I’m An Old Cowhand


Fact: I grew up in Oklahoma

Fact: I used to say Y’all

Fact: This is my favorite “Cowboy” song. I know all the words.

Fact: I had friends that lived on farms.

Fact: There was a feedlot just out of town (in Oklahoma) and to this day driving past (and smelling) cattle reminds me of home

Fact: For Pioneer Days we had cowpie throwing contests. My kids think that’s hilarious.

Fact: Milking a cow was something I really wanted to try for a long, long time. Then I had babies and nursed them…. and finally got to milk a cow (a real cow!) at Thanksgiving Point and I was like, “Oh. I do this all of the time.” Still cool, don’t get me wrong!

So, when Cayden had a chance to go on this campout I was so excited! All of the boys were excited! Although I lived around cows- in the most general sense- I learned a lot from Matt who actually got to go (lucky guy!)

The church owns several ranches and this is where the boys were camping out and helping.  The day started with the actual ranch hands bring in the cattle. They matched up every baby with its mother. Any mother that came in without their baby was separated to be sold since she was not being a careful mother. (That really got to me! What if their baby had gotten hurt or died?!! Matt said that either way, the mother wasn’t taking good enough care of the baby. So sad!) Then the babies were separated from their mothers which was traumatic- poor babies! This is where Cayden and the boys came in. They’d bring the cows in 5 at a time and corral them in a circle area, and then have them walk single file into a tight fitting area to get their shots, get branded, get parts of each ear lopped off in two different patterns (another kind of branding). If they were a male cow they’d get their boy goodies rubber-banded (castration) and get a testosterone shot. Then all of these babies were herded out to pasture and reunited with their mothers. What a day!

Our cute neighbor boys stuffed their pockets with cow ears. When they got home they had their mom guess what was in their pockets and then pulled out a handful of cow ears! Mothers of boys have the joy of telling fun stories for years to come 🙂

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