Science Friday


My kids like science.  I think that’s just part of being a kid- being curious about EVERYTHING- from cows to cars to bugs to volcanoes.  Doesn’t matter the subject- you know they’re curious about it- which makes their science-loving mama happy.

Ashlyn’s been wanting to put white flowers in food coloring forever.  She’s always loved flowers. In fact, below is one of her earliest art projects (she was 5). That year I’d always walk into my bathroom with jars of flowers on my counter! She’d always fill the bottom with cherry tomatoes because it looked so cute.  She still does it even (no cherry tomatoes though.) If you ever see cut flowers decorating my kitchen or bathroom, they’re from her!

I love the “old school” phone on my bathroom counter. I totally forgot about that! And yet 5 years later, my cell phone is still always on my bathroom counter. And sometimes a sippy cup too.
So, we did it! She picked two white tulips, two cups, and two kinds of food coloring.


Left: Right when she put the tulips in water; Right: One hour later- You can see them changing already!


Left: One day later; Right: Two days later (I love the veins!)


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  1. I love the science experiment! I also have to say those cherry tomatoes in the jars are kinda cool looking withe the flowers, that is really cute!

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