Alison’s 2nd Birthday


Alison’s birthday was on a Sunday this year which meant we thought we could swing inviting over our parents and Aunt Michele. Nothing too big especially with all of the work going on in our house involving major upheavals in every livable spot. We currently have 3 dressers in our bedroom (ours, Cayden’s and the one Dylan and Jack share). The four older children are sharing Ashlyn’s upstairs bedroom (one bunkbed and a pull-out mattress) and the two babies have their cribs set up in Alison’s room. We are on top of each other! Right now it’s a grand adventure but every night when Matt and I go to bed we see all of the kids’ clothes that were unceremoniously dumped in front of their various dressers on the floor. It seems like all routine has gone out the window! Cleaning up after yourself? What?

Anyway, back to Alison’s birthday. For some reason neither Megan or Alison could handle church. For the first time in their little lives, they cried themselves out of church. We gave up and brought them home. Normally I can handle a little crying, but in stereo for hours? I think Spring Break has thrown their schedules out of wack and 1-4pm (missing yet another nap) was just too much to ask. I took them home for the last hour of church and they both slept until the party- thus Alison’s bed head.

I don’t think Alison has a clue what “birthdays” are about, but she did know that she was having a special day and thoroughly enjoyed every minute! She sought out every lap and made sure she had time with each person (on her own) before everyone went home. We had such a wonderful time visiting and enjoying seeing our children having fun with their grandparents and aunt- building lego robots, talking about school and friends, wrestling (Grandpa Bills is very brave!) and being silly.


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  1. It was soooooo fun to see her realize that EVERYONE was willing to give her anything she wanted, up/down off the lap, cake or icecream, smiles and tickles…she was a birthday and people charmer that evening. SUCH FUN!

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