Spring Break



Kristin and I got brave- You know how it is the first day of Spring Break? You think you can tackle the world! Well, we tackled big time. We loaded her 4 kids (including her new little 2 month old) and my 6 kids (including our little 8 month old) into our 10 passenger van and went to the zoo. Two moms, ten kids- like I said, brave. We weren’t the only brave ones- the zoo was crowded! After searching for a parking spot for way too long we opted for the dirt one across the street. We had a fabulous time! The kids stayed together, we were head-counting nonstop and we brought home some happy but tired kids at the end of the day.


We woke up tired on Tuesday and just relaxed at home for most of the day. Our biggest outing was going to the library and playing at the park afterwards. (Also included: Going to JCW’s for ice cream cones afterwards)


We volunteered to babysit some chickens over spring break for some neighbors. By babysit, I mean we went to their house every day to collect eggs and to give them food and water.  Jackson was nervous…. very nervous. He didn’t want to be pecked or poked.  After the first few days he gained so much confidence that he wanted to do everything himself.  All of the kids had a great time but it was especially fun to watch Jackson enjoy himself so much.

We even had “The Great Egg Mystery” to solve.  There are four chickens, but each morning there were only three eggs in the coop. Every day. Where was that missing egg? A neighbor went over one morning to check on the chickens and said she saw one in a flower pot. Sure enough, that chicken filled up one pot and then moved on to the next.

The rest of the day was spent playing with friends. Matt took the day off of work to work on the basement- which some days feels like a never-ending-project. Alison helped me roll out dough for “Make  Your Own Pizza” night. Altogether a much needed calm and relaxing day!


My sister-in-law, Kristiena, just started giving our kids piano lessons this month. She is so nice to drive up every week! As a bonus her cute kids get to come and play which is perfect so that my kids can get to know these cousins better!  We played with playdough, toys and ate Mac-and-Cheese…. which pretty much made it the best cousin time ever!

BUT- this was just the beginning. Just as Kristiena was leaving my sister Kristin arrived with her kiddos- more cousin time! More playdough, coloring, toys. It was a full day. Cousins from 10am to 5pm. Matt was teaching that night so I think I made waffles, put kids to bed, crashed on the couch- I could not keep my eyes open- and left the mess for another day.

Megan loves to find hair and play with it. When she’s drinking her bottle I always put my hair up in a ponytail- anything to get it out of the way! Poor Matt- every inch of his body is covered in hair. She is always pulling his arm hair, neck hair, leg hair- anything! I wanted to take a picture of Megan and Cosette together and in just that moment Megan found her favorite thing… Cosette’s luxurious baby hair. So sad!


Our neighbors, the Dixon’s, introduced us to this train museum in Ogden. The museum is in a Union Station- you can tell that trains still use this station (not the area the museum is in). On the side of the station is a huge train yard of retired trains with signs teaching you about each one. It is so awesome!  We spent an hour just exploring the trains and never even made it inside the museum.


Next we decided to visit the original Farr ice cream parlor. It was so, so yummy! There were a million flavors- it was hard to choose! I got a lime ricky scoop- it was tasty- but my favorite, favorite, favorite one was the pineapple coconut. What I wouldn’t do to have a bowl of that right now…. A scoop would do too… I have got to figure that one out. In fact, I have a cold pineapple in my fridge. If it wasn’t already 11pm I would try it out already.

When Matt’s parents moved to Lehi, Matt’s mom gave us a book of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recipes. A WHOLE BOOK! It was one of those gems that you think is pretty cute already (the cover is cute!), but once you really dig in and use it you realize that what you really have is a diamond mine. Every recipe has turned out perfectly- there has to pineapple one in there somewhere!


After ice cream we met up with the Pitt’s at the Tree House Museum and had a fabulous time.  There are so many fun alcoves and play areas that I found myself following Dylan around, then looking for Jackson and sticking with him for a while, then Alison, then back to Dylan. Crafts, music, blocks, castles, doll houses with dolls, books, legos, houses from all over the world to play in, train tables and a giant chess board- all of it nestled neatly around a giant tree.

We finished off this already full day by going back to the Pitt’s house to BBQ, swim and watch a movie (for younger kids) or play games (for the rest of us). This was a great way to finish off spring break!


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