One Year Older And Wiser Too


This year is the big 3-5.  For the last few months Matt has been SO HEALTHY! I’m talking about rationing his chocolate chip consumption, switching to DIET Coke, and staying away from most other sweets. I’m so impressed! It’s paid off big time- 15 pounds. This year Matt asked for no birthday cake. Instead we got a huge container of Costco strawberries and cut them all up. It was scrumptious, delicious… and guilt free!

You can see that the kids picked out salt water taffy from C-A-L Ranch for Matt (I guess they weren’t on the same “no sweets” wavelength), and we downed that baby like there was no rationing. Everyone has a weakness, right?! We did use them for conference rewards.  We didn’t single-handedly scarf them down in a week. It was a multi-handed operation.

Like I said, the bowl of strawberries was a hit- there were lots of kids going for seconds. We did indulge in some homemade whipped cream on top.

Matt puts on a pretty good show!

We sure love this guy! The babies are tucked into bed.

Matt and I were able to head out to the temple- my first time back since Megan’s been born. It was so nice to be there, and to go with Matt was a great bonus! Our last few temple excursions have been done separately to minimize chaos. We were married in the Timpanogous temple (’98), and I never would have dreamed that we’d end up living here and raising our family just miles from that spot. I love it!


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  1. You’ve got it figured out and made changes already at age 33,,,,I’m still struggling with those things. Diet coke, yes….but too many. Cookies are smaller than cake….but I eat many more of them than if I’d taken a piece of cake. I will try to follow your example. Love you.

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