There is Sunshine in My Soul (and in my yard) Today!


Okay, disclaimer- I am catching up from a 2 month hiatus. I am not a daily blogger (usually), but I will totally admit that  it’s been fun jumping back in.

I am not a photo “hoverer.” I don’t follow my children around with a camera, mere feet away from them always trying to catch their photo moments, but when they are playing outside I like to sit on the porch with Megan and:

  1. Keep Alison out of the street and help her with her tricycling and scootering skills.
  2. Keep Jackson from being adopted into neighboring families 🙂
  3. Rescue Ashlyn’s kite from various obstacles
  4. Talk to other women. When the sun comes out the moms gather and chat. I love the “long-lingering” moments (you know, where you realize you should really be inside making dinner…. but you just want to hang out a little longer).  Even if dinner’s late getting on the table, there’s that satisfaction in knowing that you had time with another adult that day.
  5. Pull out my camera and fiddle with the settings. I love my camera. I am going to get to know this camera! Right now I use is as a point-and-shoot but I know it can do so much more.  This summer I’ll set some photography goals for myself.

You know the saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone?”  This idea came in reverse order for me.   I didn’t realize what we were missing until it was warm enough to be outside again. The fresh air! All of this energy channeled into digging, running, jumping, scootering, kite-flying and biking. Dylan is my most energetic little one, and at one point during the winter he’d literally run circles again and again in my living room.  There was no obstacle course, no one else did it with him- it was pure concentration- running around and around and around- lap, after lap in a 5 foot circle.  There is just so much energy in that little body! Playing blocks and building train tracks don’t replace the physical outlet of being outside.

Ashlyn likes to go to the store. Doesn’t matter who’s going or what the errand is- she’s coming too! And she brings her spending money.  She knows how to save, but she doesn’t hold back from buying something that she knows she’ll enjoy. None of that stewing or indecisiveness from her.  That’s how she came to be the proud owner of this purple kite!

And she sure did enjoy it (yes, it’s already past tense. She and Matt went to fly kites at the park- their lines crossed- his line cut her line and her kite flew away). Matt has plans to surprise her with a new one- she is so good about sharing her things with everyone. It makes such a difference!

Ashlyn has this theory about ants. If you draw a chalk circle around them, they won’t be able to get out.  She says she’s done it a lot and that it totally works.

She’s passing along this idea to Alison, and they decided to test it a little further. What happens when you add fishy crackers? Will the ants be able to break into the chalk borders to get some? It is early spring- I was surprised that they even found the one ant to draw a chalk cage around. I wasn’t sure that there were any ants around at all!

I was wrong, and apparently they will break past chalk barriers to get to the good stuff. Swarms of ants emerged. In fact, I think all of the dark at the bottom of the picture are ants on their way.


Sandbox time- Totally worth the sandy toes and sandy showers

Big boxes really are as much fun as you think they are

Jackson on the trampoline

Ashlyn meditating while jumping. Because, you know, they go together 🙂

Jackson has reclaimed his position in the neighborhood- the kid who knows everyone….

You may have noticed that one person is absent in our outdoor snapshots. Cayden. I love, love, love Cayden!

He has SO MUCH homework.

He got accepted into the Academy (Honors) program in the Jr. High. We found out yesterday that he also got accepted into the accelerated math program as well. That means he is on track for… more homework…for the rest of his life. Matt and I have had long talks about this- as in we drive around town just talking about Cayden. He is so bright, smart, funny- and busy! This is the first season he won’t be playing soccer- he liked it alright but didn’t love it- and at this stage in the game you’ve got to LOVE it to keep playing.  (Otherwise you’re plagued by feelings of guilt that you’re letting your team down when you miss the ball, etc- people really care now). Anyhow, that was our outside playtime insurance plan but now it’s best to retire that jersey. On the flip side, Cayden knows how to do homework, he knows how to get the job done. He’s perfected the attitude that goes along with it. High school and college will be a breeze because the habits are already in place!

Cayden does love to walk.  Some of my favorite times with him are at night when we go walking. He likes to get out my phone (it has a constellation finder) and he’ll find all of the constellations for me and tell me the stories behind them. He talks about anything and everything. If we are working on the basement and I need someone to take the babies on a walk, he’s the first to volunteer! Once he took them (in the double stroller) clear up past the Junior High into Highland and back.  He loved it, the babies loved it and I couldn’t believe that we got so much done. He’s such a good kid!



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  1. Love, love, love the post! You really do have a great camera and some crazy good camera skills! I totally agree about socializing when it’s time to make dinner, lol, it just makes it more fun! Love the new blog. 🙂

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