Megan, Meggie, Neggie (Alison’s version). This girl’s a happy camper!  Nursing a baby has never been easy for me.  I don’t know why my milk-makers don’t make milk for a whole year, but they just don’t.  Megan is on a bottle now and made the switch with only a few rough days during the transition. When she’d dropped from the 75% to the 50% in weight at her last doctor’s appointment I knew it was time.  At first I was sad. This is my last baby, my last chance to nurse- I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to this stage!  For a while I’d try to keep the feeding first thing in the morning, but even that disappeared soon after.  It’s okay- I’m okay- We’re okay.

She is such a sweet thing! It’s not easy being the little sister sometimes. Alison loves Megan and tries hard to make her happy, but other times she just wants that toy or snack or mom and Megan is in the way. Alison’s learning though, and she’s had to learn a lot earlier than most little girls.

See?!! I love these moments when they can just be together, enjoy each other!

….And then Alison leans over and pushes Megan over. Still learning!



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