Let It Snow!


American Fork is not known for snow.  We moved here from Bountiful, a city known for so much snow people take videos of cars sliding around because that’s what winter means.  Waking up to the sound of snow plows grinding down the street is just part of the background.  If you hear snow plows going up and down the street at 5am, you just roll over and know you’ll have to shovel in the morning…. and you go back to sleep. On our street it is a treat to have the snow plows come through, and we get that only because the Matthew’s bribe the driver with hot chocolate and lunch (and because he’s related).  We’re the lucky street 🙂

This year was especially tame. We got two snows- total.  Only one of them lasted long enough for the kids to have something to play in when they got home from school.

Matt worked from home the day of the first storm. He took full advantage and used his “commute time” in the snow to pull the sled around the neighborhood with his 4-Wheeler. It was just as fun for our neighbor’s dog Lucy to chase Matt as it was for Jackson in the sled!

Alison loved driving so much more than sledding!

Storm #2- We used almost every bit of snow in our yard to construct Delicate Arch. It started out as a snowman family, but the mom and dad started leaning so we came up with a new plan! Jackson enjoyed jumping off of the huge snow boulders as much as he liked rolling them around the yard.

It turned out pretty cool, but lasted probably all of 10 minutes before gravity and sunshine won out!


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