All About Friends


Most of my kids are social creatures.  Cayden prefers reading, trying to program games on his TI-82 (calculator), building a web-site that is a choose your own  adventure book- and if friends work into his day he is pleased about that too. Ashlyn is going through an unpredictable stage- some days she wants to just be home with family and every friend is turned away. Other days she crams every moment of friend time possible- after school, pre-dinner, post-dinner.

Dylan and Jackson are another story altogether. Right now they LIVE for after school friend time.  The second homework and snacks are finished, they are off! Dylan usually brings his friends over here. Jackson spends all day here so when he gets the chance to play anywhere else, he is GONE! Lately is favorite haunt is across the street at the Matthew’s house.  Their youngest is 9 so there is no one even close to his age, but he is always there- watching the latest welding project, watching the kids practice lasso-ing (and getting lassoed) and even playing with toys inside and chatting with Kim. On Sunday we were looking for him so we sent Ashlyn over to see if he was there. Sure enough he was, eating Sunday dinner like one of the family. 


Dylan and Nate can’t step on my lava carpet, so they use bean bag chairs to bounce around the room.


Light sabers protect you from those lava monsters!


Dylan and Alex enjoying leftover Valentine candy. Yes, these pictures prove that my cabinet doors are ALWAYS open! 


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