Baby Food At Last!


Megan’s made the leap to baby food! Ashlyn volunteered to be her first high chair which is pretty brave. I waited to move her to solids until after our Disneyland trip to make life simpler. The scoop? She’d rather not eat ANYTHING. It takes so long to get her through her oatmeal, rice cereal, peas- you name it!  To be fair, she treats her bottle the same way- she languishes across my lap and takes her sweet time to get through seven ounces. It’s like she’s in a lounge chair with her poolside drink. (It is so cute!) I finally scaled back to once a day solid feedings for a while because she just didn’t like it.  In the last week we’ve moved her into a high chair and we’ve put her on two solid feedings again. She’s growing up! Megan doesn’t like green beans, or anything with texture (those baby puffs for example), but I ground up some chicken noodle soup for her today and she absolutely loved it! Maybe she’s headed straight for the dinner food- flavor!  My mom gave me a baby food grinder when Cayden was born and I tell you, we have used that thing like crazy! 


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