The Arrival of Cosette Aveline Alomia


I don’t know how this happens, but Kristin and I have our babies close together.  All four of her children have lined up (within months) with mine.  We don’t sit down and have a family planning meeting, I promise! Sure enough, six months after we welcomed Megan into our family, Kristin and Lothar welcomed Cosette.  February 16th! This is the first time that our babies have been the same sex though.  (We’ve always had opposites!) With this little lady, Kristin and Lothar decided not to find out if it was a boy or a girl.  I couldn’t do it. Not at all!


Megan looks HUGE compared to Cosette! It makes me realize that time is flying by…..


Kristin looks amazing, as always 🙂 It’s like she didn’t even break a sweat!Image

Lothar always takes the time to love my babies, even on this crazy, exciting day! We’re looking forward to our last little Lund baby growing up with a little Alomia cousin.  Soon there will be a little Heringer cousin too. Laura’s three little ones are lining up with my last three.  Babies are in the air!


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