Disneyland or Bust!


Okay, you already know about the pitfalls involved in getting to California- 2 ear infections, late night packing and cleaning (our fault), I think someone threw up somewhere the day before we left. But we made it!

Right before Christmas Matt brought up the idea of going to Disneyland.  I have to admit that I hedged. It took me a week to get into the idea.  We’ve done Disneyland before with a baby- it’s fun but it’s also a lot of work.  And now to have two babies? Two little girls under two years old? It was generous to say that I was skeptical.  How could we even divide up?  One of us would have to stay with Alison and Megan. The other would have to stay with Dylan and Jackson.  Who would the older kids hang out with? Would they enjoy all of the little rides? Matt promised it would all work out. We stayed up a few nights planning to decide if the logistics would even work.  We found a great strategy that involved some independence on the side of Cayden and Ashlyn for small chunks of time (and kids cell phones, and mom and dad being on the ride nearby, etc).

February is the right time to go.  We were there Monday through Friday. The first four days were great- wait times were 25 minutes at the very most. Sometimes you could just walk straight up to the ride and board. That’s the way to go!

I planned the diaper bag perfectly (it’s worth mentioning!) so that bottle feedings were easy, diaper changes were easy, changes of clothes were there.  I can’t believe everything that we packed into that diaper bag! The first two days were a little stressful.  I told Matt that I was stress sweating (which I think has a totally different smell than exercise or heat sweat). At first I didn’t know how to entertain Alison while Matt was talking the older four on rides. She wanted to walk everywhere but nothing held her interest, but after two days we found this sweet routine! I knew all of the fun spots, Matt and I took the four younger kids and let the older two have short excursions at nearby rides. We went on most rides altogether instead of splitting up. We found a rhythm and it was much easier than I thought it could be! Some nights Matt stayed out with Cayden and Ashlyn while I put the younger kids to bed (I gladly stayed back at the hotel! I was so tired by the end of the day!)

We had a great time and I think February is my new favorite time of year to go!

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  1. So glad it went so well! I love that you mention HOW it went well- it’s great instruction. And I agree, February is a great time to go!

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