A Day in the Life


Thursday, February 23rd, 5:51pm- Here’s what it’s like at our house


Cayden’s still working on homework.  You can tell he’s already read the comics though- his after school routine.Image

Ashlyn’s making an amazing pet world with a friend.Image

Alison loves pulling out books and looking through the pages.Image

Megan’sentertaining herself while I make dinner. Dylan and Jackson are playing with the Pontius boys!


Sunday, February 26th, 5pm- Here’s what it’s like at our house


Cayden’s working on a maze. We’ve just rediscovered puzzlemaker.com where you can design word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, etc. Loads of fun!


Ashlyn is going to set up a Veggie Tales movie.Image

Dylan, who is ALWAYS hungry, has had a snack (thus the snack bowl) and finished it.Image

Jackson has a maze from Cayden to work on.Image

Alison is snuggling with Ashlyn’s favorite blanket while playing with toy food, eating real food (cheerios) and assuming her favorite position- sucking on her middle two fingers and her pointer finger is poking straight up.  No matter how many times I move that finger it always makes its way back….. You can tell she is so tired. She doesn’t get a nap after church on Sundays- she’s just hanging in there until bedtime!

Megan is down for a nap, Matt is at church working on tithing, I’m making dinner.

Voila! That’s what it’s like over here 🙂


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