A Day at the Beach


February 4th we drove off from American Fork. Destination? California.  February 3rd I had a routine check-up for Alison and she ended up having a severe ear infection to go along with her shots.  Perfect! We caught it before we drove off! We celebrated Ashlyn’s birthday with her friends, packed the night away, cleaned the night away, slept in, finished packing and cleaning. I hopped in the shower, sweaty and tired from the packing and cleaning, moments away from driving off.  In the amount of time it took me to shower, Jackson went from having an ear that was bothering him to lying on the floor sobbing because he was in so much pain.  I called the after-hours care clinic (it’s Saturday, of course). We make and go to the appointment. Come home. Drive off with our fully loaded van to pick up antibiotics from Costco.  The pharmacist is on a lunch break and won’t be back for another HOUR. We make do by having our picnic lunch in the parking lot of Costco.  I thought we’d never leave. EVER! But we did and it was a nice drive! Two days later we arrived at our hotel, dropped off all of our belongings and drove up to San Diego to meet up at the beach with Eric, Marisa and their girls.It being February… and evening…. we didn’t bring our suits to the beach.  The mistake was that I dressed all of my children in JEANS! Warm enough, sure. Not so good when you’re playing at the beach- sucks up every drop of water! You can’t wade in jeans successfully, no matter how good you are at rolling your jeans up!  Luckily we brought jammies for all of the kids so after we were done they had something warm to change into! Above: Jackson running in and out of the waves.Cayden loved the little shovel that Eric and Marisa brought.  Every time we’ve been to the beach he builds a huge pit and lets the waves fill it up!Ashlyn liked looking for little crabsDylan, Jackson and Lucy running from the waves!Our sopping wet family (some members are realizing that being sopping wet means that you will be freezing when the sun starts setting!)Eric, Marisa, Kaylee, Lucy and Sofi

They were so nice and had us over for dinner and cousin time afterward.  It was a great way to kick off the trip! I was hoping that we could make it back to the beach one more time, but no such luck!


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