Hodge Podge Compilation of January


Here we are at the end of the month of January, and even though it feels like it’s been a FULL month (2 birthdays, a wedding, a business trip to NY for Matt) I usually have lots of fun “daily life” events jotted down as well.  Not so much this month.  And it just shows that pictures really do help jog my memory because as I’ve looked back through my January stuff (and it’s April now), the photos help me remember what we’ve done- and everything else is blank! The slate has been wiped clean. Occasionally Matt and I get a night out. Since the birth of Megan, Matt’s call to the bishopric, and his excursions in teaching at the “University of Phoenix” these dates have been moved into the “NEED” category (instead of “want” or “wishful thinking’). In order to gain cooperation in the homefront, we’ve let each child put a shoe on the banister and if they were good while we were out they get a treat in their shoe. One night we came home to this: every shoe in the shoe basket lined up on the banister- in hopes of LOTS of treats! It was so funny!

Here are the two girls. They generally get along, although sometimes when Alison is in her “hyper, crazy, in-your-face, I’m-not-even-two-so-there!” mode, Megan starts crying when Alison is even in the same room.  She has a sixth sense about those kind of things.  I think moms share that same sense- we can always tell when our children are in that mood. Alison is already trying to take care of her.  Shown above- Alison trying to put socks on Megan’s hands- just for fun.  And Megan’s thinking, “Why not? Go for it.”Matt’s new position at American Express brings more challenges for him (which is a good thing- he likes challenges, but the down side- a lot more stress). It also means a lot of traveling. He basically started this position in January and has already traveled to NYC, Phoenix and will soon be travelling to Miami in May (jealous!). Matt’s hotel overlooked the World Trade Center Memorial and construction of other new and tall buildings.This is my favorite picture- overcast, drizzly, everyone out with their umbrellas, yellow Taxis, damp pavement. Ahhh! Matt was so ready to go home and this photo marks the end of the New York trip… a farewell but not a nostalgic one.


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