Uncle Michael’s Awesome Wedding


My brother is awesome. He’s fun, loves kids, is a GENIUS…. and lives in Germany. He graduated from BYU with a degree in Engineering, then went to law school in Texas and got a degree in International Patent Law. That’s a degree which takes you out of the country and makes us all miss him like crazy. My kids call him “Michael Michael” because it almost sounds like “Uncle Michael.”

Michael and Anna Lena

Living in Germany was destiny! Michael came home for Christmas bringing his beautiful fiance Anna Lena who is also smart, beautiful, speaks impeccable English, is so kind to my children, and most importantly loves my brother.  By the way, I think I never got around to posting about Christmas, but we had all 8 siblings, spouses (and fiance) and children together at Christmas! That hasn’t happened…. since before I was married I think (Michael was either on a mission, in China, in Germany, in law school, etc).

Here we all are!

Fast-forward a few days to January 3rd and it’s the day of their wedding. I have not met a happier couple!

Timpanogos Temple- They can smile despite the sunlight streaming into their faces!

Kristin and my mom worked out a lot of the planning and all of the girls (and husbands too) transformed the club house into an amazing reception hall.  That is not my talent (I’m the pep-talk girl) and it was just amazing- clear lights strung across the ceiling, flower balls dangling from above, light music- you name it and it was there (in a good way).

Ashlyn was ecstatic because she got to help serve dessert and clean up the tables.  She loved getting all dressed up and having a “grown up” responsibility. Matt was teaching that night so I had both babies.

Alison claimed either my mom or Michele as her own all night long.

Anna Lena, Michael, Dylan, Jackson

Dylan and Jackson played foosball downstairs and resurfaced occasionally for refreshments and to mingle. I brought a DVD player for the cousins to watch downstairs.  I put Cayden in charge of it and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think he came up only when it was time to go home (remembering to take a treat on the way out!) I just love Cayden- he is so content wherever he is!

We had a wonderful day and I miss them all over again.  I would love to hang out with them and see what they like to do, play, eat- you know, all of that regular “couple” stuff! Maybe… someday… we can swing a trip to Germany… which would be amazing! But for now, that is in the “someday” category…

I got a new computer for Christmas (YAY!!) but Photoshop needs some re-registration and I really, REALLY miss touching up my photos.  Take them as they are- they are still so cute!


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