Cayden’s 12th Birthday


Turning 12 is a big deal! So many things to look forward to! Cayden was ready for them all- receiving the Priesthood, joining the Young Mens program, going with Matt, Grandpa and his uncles to the Priesthood session (and going out to eat afterwards). Oh yes, big plans! And he incorporated some plans into the celebration.  It included Space Camp. The most they let you take is a group of 6 so his friend list had to be whittled down but it was great fun!  For his birthday he wanted an Oreo pizza from Pizza Pie Cafe… but I was not sure how I could pull off this party with a 5 month old, so afterwards we just took all of the kids to Pizza Pie Cafe and celebrated there! I know there are pictures SOMEWHERE documenting the friend celebration, but I seriously cannot find them.  Here’s our family party!

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